Monday, December 29, 2008

BIG TIME (or how I did in my first Sunday Million)

Happy Holidays All!

Well, I managed to squeak into the Blogger Final by barely qualifying in the 8 game preliminary.

PokerStars Tournament #124189662, 8-Game
Freeroll Super Satellite
456 players
Target Tournament #170000000
72 tickets to the target tournament

Tournament started 2008/12/19 17:00:00 ET

Dear o-hole-ne,

You finished the tournament in 69th place.
You qualified to play in Tournament #170000000 and are automatically registered for it.
See Tournament #170000000 Lobby for further details.

Thank you for participating.


Managed to place "in the money" in the big finale and got a Step 3 ticket.

Played a Step 3 Sit-n-Go and finished 3rd (got another Step 3 ticket).

Rinse, Repeat - four times.

Finally won a Step 4 ticket and decided to try the Sunday Million (which was super-sized).

Huge money!

Could provide a major shift in my poker "career".

...or not...

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