Monday, November 20, 2006

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Friday, November 10, 2006

Long-time voyeur, 1st time blogger

Hello out there! (really hoping that this is something that develops into something?)

I have been reading a lot of blogs out there for a long time... Wil Wheaton, Shane Nickerson, Dr. Pauly, Change100, Joe Speaker, Al Can't Hang, BG, CJ, Otis, Iggy, Toast(Golf + Poker), Matt (Now on the Tee), Negreanu, and many more. I've started to create my own blog many times, but something (usually a poker table popping up) prevented me from doing it.

Well, now that I've donked off another buy-in and because I'm beginning to worry how invested I've become in total strangers' lives... without contributing anything of myself - here goes nothing.

I really wish I was with Pauly & Nicky in Amsterdam, geez that sounds like fun.

I really wish my golf game was a little closer to Toast & Matt's.

I really wish my ability to drink was up to Al's standards.

I really wish my bankroll was even 1% of Negreanu's.

I really wish I could make one of the blogger events in Vegas or the Boathouse or whereever.

I can't wait to find out what happens to "Lane" - thanks for all you write BG.

I really hope Joe Speaker finds happiness.

I really like that Pauly's posts happen at 4:20 AM on a regular basis.

I really hope that I get to meet some if not all of you someday.