Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Bigger Kudos to the Good Doctor

As happy as I was for "our hero" to get a chance at fulfilling another dream, I was apprehensive about what material would be verboten... (I did assume that the really good stuff would make the "eventual" book.)

Alas, the corporate fucktard lawyers got involved and preempted any problems the Good Doctor was going to face with the fucktard editors.

I, for one, am glad for my own selfish reason that I check in on the Good Doctor's life via the Tao of Poker




To quote our hero, "The more I think about not altering my writing style and changing my voice... the more it makes sense. Maybe I wasn't cut out writing for The Man. I've always been better off doing things my way. After all, that's what got me here in the first place. Rest assured, you'll get your poker fix this summer... by coming back to the Tao of Poker everyday."

Amen, brother!

(postscript - I just realized that I could use the same photo from below...)

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